What Doctors Say


Dr. Y Bosman
GP / Medical Officer

“Dear Ms Streeter I have recently contracted with your company to do DG assessments, and feel compelled to tell you how patient and helpful and efficient and professional your staff have been. I cannot speak too highly of the manner in which the transaction was conducted. Fatima and Kim are a true asset to your firm. The mode of my communication with bring a message, but I look upon myself as approaching middle age and look forward to a long and happy association with your company”

Dr. Wardah Peck

“I have always been very pleased with the friendly and efficient service. Ravi has been very responsive to my questions through e-mail and over the telephone and very helpful with everything. I am personally very busy and get bombarded by recruitment companies. Ravi understands I am busy and doesn’t bombard me with calls. This has led to us having a long standing relationship with Ambition and Ravi and they are always the first company I contact when I am looking for work. Excellent support and efficient payroll administration. The service has been first class!”

Rabia Dalwai Abrahams

“I have been dealing with A24 for a while now and would like to comment on the consultants. They are very friendly, excellent with the service they render and is always eager to assist even if the query is not in their department. One extremely good and very appreciated characteristic point they possesses is that they always follow up on queries and tries to assist and accommodate.”

NV Bobotyana
General Practitioner

“I would like to recommend Ambition24 Locum Agency . I started working with them since August 2013, when I left the Eastern Cape Department of Health. I did not have a job in Cape Town, they always make sure I get a locum almost daily depending on my availability. I have personally worked with a few of the area consultants and they are always very kind, professional and considerate. They are doing an excellent job and I recommend them.”

Nonzuzo Beja

“This is just a short recommendation on the services I got from Ambition24 Locums. My two area consultants are forever giving the best services. There are times where I will call both of them desperately in need of locums and they will try until they find something for me. They make it a point that I do get locums. I really appreciate their services on me and I believe its not only me just all of us. Thank you guys for your services may the Almighty God richly bless you in whatever you doing. Keep it up the good work you are doing”

Rasello Sello

“I am humbled to work under Ambition24 Locums. They are extremely professional, warm and a visionary agency. They are never late to contact me, always on time for bookings. May Ambition 24 and I have many moons before us.”