Ambition 24hours supports PATCH, the Helderberg Child Abuse Centre

Ambition 24Locums has raised funds for PATCH, the Helderberg Child Abuse Centre, to buy 100 ‘goodie bags’. The four months supply will keep children entertained and distracted while they undergo a medical examination to confirm if they have been abused. Each bag contains a snack, juice, sweets, toy, colouring book and crayons.

Ambition 24Locums a leading medical staffing agency, provides locum doctors to Patch, who are on stand-by to be available whenever they are required by the centre for an examination, so that children who have reportedly been sexually abused can be examined immediately upon arrival.

PATCH, a non-profit organisation, aims to support all child victims of sexual abuse in Helderberg: according to a spokesperson: “ We strive to prevent the incidence of this horrific crime committed against innocent children. We believe that every child victim of sexual abuse is entitled to immediate crisis intervention, free professional therapy in his or her home language, at a facility close to the child victim's home, and preparation for the court case”.

Ambition 24Locums has also supported a fun-run to raise donations for the charity by providing a water table with refreshments for runners. The agency will be hosting the water table again in December 2012

Ambition 24Locum, the South African Locums staffing division of the A24 Group, was launched in May 2006 in response to the critical healthcare shortage nationally. The agency is actively recruiting medical staff to work in a range of healthcare settings in South Africa. It has received a volume of enquiries from locum doctors and nurses resident in the UK and working with the A24 Group.