Swine Flu will need more Agency Nursing Staff

Top health officials have warned that Africa is "far from being ready" for a pandemic of H1N1 swine flu, and developing countries in Asia and Latin America too will need help accessing the range of life-saving drugs and vaccines.

Ambition 24Locums is encouraging Doctors and other Healthcare professionals to register now with the agency for an anticipated surge in demand for temporary staffing by hospitals and other healthcare providers. The agency is actively recruiting doctors and also encouraging the return of those working overseas who may be considering a coming back to South Africa from the UK, Australia and the USA.

Addressing the WHO, the health minister of Tonga said it was '‘fortunate' that the H1N1 strain had spread first to affluent countries such as the United States, Canada, Spain, Britain and Japan. "Somehow, somebody decided to start this epidemic in very rich countries ... This helped all of us," said Health Minister Viliami Tangi.

He said that poor countries lack the medical staff, laboratories, drug stockpiles, and vaccine-making capacity to deal with the outbreak in a sophisticated manner. Nigeria's delegate said that African countries would face major difficulties responding to any outbreak of H1N1 flu, which has caused mild symptoms in most patients but may be especially threatening to people with HIV/Aids and other diseases.

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